Structural Features

  • Product Traceability: Products from casting, processing, installation, each link is strictly controlled, with traceability numbers.
  • Diversified operations:Optional pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and other diversified operating devices to facilitate remote automatic control.
  • Full Bore: Full bore, large flow, low flow resistance design, with diversion hole structure for pipeline ball cleaning.
  • Safety Against External Forces: The structural design of the shell is carried out in accordance with the safety regulations of the high-pressure vessel, which can withstand external bending stress.
  • Various Sealing Surface Materials: The sealing surface material can be butt welded with chrome stainless steel, hard alloy and other materials according to customer requirements. It can meet the needs of different working conditions. Butt-welding chromium stainless steel can meet the general requirements. The most common surfacing cemented carbide is cobalt-based cemented carbide, which has high corrosion resistance and high wear resistance.
  • Excellent Parts Material:The stem nut is made of ASTM A439 D-2, which has high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. The packing is upper and lower graphite packing, and the middle is a flexible graphite structure. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, small torque and not easy to damage. The gasket is made of metal corrugated gasket, which has good temperature resistance and resilience, and it is not easy to leak in the mouth.
  • Testing: Each size has been subjected to 2000 times of static pressure life test and closing part tensile test, excellent performance.
  • Painting: The surface of the product is sprayed with 500-degree silicone high temperature resistant paint to ensure that the product does not peel off or fade during use.

Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve Product Range

Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve Product Range

Factory Info

Far Valve Group certificated by ISO9001, ISO 14001, API6D, API600, API602, API607, API6FA, CE, EAC. API Products scope: API600 CAST STEEL GATE VALVE from 2″-48″. Pressure from 150LB-2500LB. API CAST STEEL GATE VALVE

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