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Forged steel valve development prospects

Because the inherent quality of API602 forged steel valve is better than that of cast steel valves, high-end valves, especially high-pressure, high-temperature, and corrosion-resistant valves must use forgings. Most high-end valves use die forging molding technology, and most domestic valves are still cast. So in future forged steel valves Is the development trend

API602 forged steel valve are mainly used in the pipelines of thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, petroleum and chemical systems to cut off or connect pipeline media. Applicable medium: water, steam, oil and other non-corrosive media. Compared with other valve products, forged steel valves are characterized by high temperature and high pressure, unique self-sealing design, the higher the pressure, the more reliable the sealing. Due to the special performance, technical characteristics and working conditions, the product has formed characteristics that other products cannot replace.

Forged Gate Valve

Forged Gate Valve

Forged Globe Valve

Forged Globe Valve


Design and Manufacture: API602 Face to Face: ASME B 16.10 End Connected: ASME B 16.5 Test and Inspection: API 598


Body&Bonnet: A105/N ,LF2, F11, F304/L, F316/L, F51 Stem: F304,410, F51, F316 Disc: F6a, F304, F316, F51,


API602 forged steel valve special design: Braided packing is used for the upper and lower packing, and graphite packing is used in the middle. If graphite packing is used as a whole, the graphite used as the upper and lower pads is easy to be crushed, and will enter the valve cavity after crushing. If it sticks to the sealing surface, it is easy to cause leakage of the sealing surface. This design product adopts this process to avoid such problem.

Stem new design

The packing press sleeve design avoids the uneven force when the packing press sleeve presses the packing, which causes the upper end of the press sleeve to contact with the valve stem, friction the valve stem, and increase the opening and closing torque.

Applicable working conditions of different materials

  • A105, LF1,LF2.LF3,LF9 V water,oil, steam Temperature: -29℃-425℃
  • LF1,LF2,LF3,LF9 Medium:Low temperature medium Temperature:-101℃–46℃
  • F11 Medium:water,oil, steam Temperature:≤545℃
  • F9,F91 Medium: water,oil, steam Temperature:≤673℃
  • F22 Medium: water, steam Temperature:≤550℃
  • F304 Medium: Nitric acid, steam Temperature:540℃-800℃ OR -254℃-540℃
  • F316 Medium:Methyl ammonia, nitric acid Temperature:540℃-800℃ OR -196℃-540℃

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