JIS10K CAST IRON VALVES —Far Valve Yuanda Group as a Professional JIS 10K Cast iron Valves manufacturer. Products scope: Cast iron Gate valve, 10K Cast iron Globe Valve, 10K Cast iron Swing Check Valve,10K Cast iron Ball Valve, 10K Cast iron Butterfly Valve , 10K Cast iron Vertical Type Check Valve, 10K Cast iron Y-Strainer.

Far valve now using automatic casting line to produce JIS10K Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Valves. The casting blank part exterior is more smooth without any sandinclusion,crack and other casting defects.JIS10K CAST IRON VALVES
Our workshop NO.1 Only focus on JIS10K Cast iron Valves Machining and Assembling. 48 inspector will make sure 100% of these valves are been tested and qualified.
All JIS10K Cast Iron Valve been painted by automatic painting line! Customize Painting color is acceptable!
After the valves come out from automatic painting line, our inspector will inspecting very dimension again to make sure the valves are 100% qualified!

Far Valve Yuanda Group now with factory land area over 540,000 square meters and 3500 employees. If you wish, we are ready to be your OEM factory. If you have some special fetures, we could customize for you. If you have new design products which have protensiaal market, we could design and build a new mold for you! Our Goal is to be your last valve station! JIS10K CAST IRON VALVES

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Resilient Gate Valve

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