One of the Largest Valve OEM Manufacturer in China

Far Valve Yuanda Group is one of the largest valve manufacturer in China which headquarter factory land area over 540,000 square meters, 3500 staffs.

Top View of Factory

Certifications: DNV ISO9001 / ISO14001 / API 6D / API 600 / KS / JIS / WRAS / KC / CE / EAC / DNV-GL / LIOYD’S REGISTER etc.

Products Scope:

1. ANSI 125 LB Cast / Ductile Iron Products: ANSI Rising Stem Gate Valve, ANSI Non Rising Stem Gate Valve, ANSI Globe Valve, ANSI Swing Check Valve, ANSI Wafer, Lug, Flange Butterfly Valve, ANSI Y-Strainer. 2. DIN PN10 / PN16 Cast / Ductile Iron Products: DIN F4 PN16 Non Rising Stem Resilient Gate Valve, DIN F4 PN16 Rising Stem Resilient Gate Valve, DIN PN10/16 F4/F5 Metal Seated Gate Valve, DIN PN16 Globe Valve, DIN PN16 Bellow Globe Valve, DIN PN16 Swing Check Valve, DIN PN16 Lift Type Check Valve, DIN PN16 Y-Strainer, DIN PN16 Ball Valve split body flange type. 3. JIS / KS 10K Cast Iron Products : 10K Rising Stem Gate Valve, 10K Non Rising Stem Gate Valve, 10K Globe Valve, 10K Swing Check Valve, 10K Vertical/Lift Type Check Valve, 10K Full Bore Ball Valve, 10K Reducing Bore Ball Valve, 10K Y- Strainer, 10K Flange Type Foot Valve. 4. BS PN10/16 Cast/ Ductile Iron Products: BS 5163 PN10/16 Metal Seated Gate Valve Rising Stem and Non Rising Stem, BS 5163 PN10/16 Resilient Seated Gate Valve with EPDM Rubber and Epoxy Coating, BS-EN 593 Butterfly Valve with EPDM Rubber and Epoxy Coating. 5. PN16 Ductile Iron Hydraulic Control Products: 100X Float Ball Valve, 200X Pressure Reducing Valve, 300X Slowly Closing Silencing Check Valve, 400X Flux Control Valve, 500X Pressure Relief Valve, 600X Hydraulic Electric Control Valve, 700X Water Pump Control Valve, 800X Differential Pressure Bypass Balancing Valve, 900X Emergency Close Valve, PN16 Axial Type Flow Control Valve, PN16 Air Valve. 6.API Cast Steel 150LB-1500LB Products: API Gate Valve, API Globe Valve, API Swing Check Valve, API Floating Ball Valve, API Trunnion Ball Valve. 7.API 602 Forged Steel Products: 150LB-600LB Flange Type Forged Gate Valve, 800LB-2500LB SW Type Gate Valve, 150LB-600LB Flange Type Forged Globe Valve, 800LB-2500LB SW Type Globe Valve. API Forged Steel Check Valve. 8. JIS / KS 10K 20K Cast Steel Products: 10K/20K Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Swing Check Valve,Ball Valve. 9.GOST PN16-PN100 Cast Steel Products: Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Swing Check Valve. 10. Stainless Steel Products: API Stainless Steel Gate Valve Globe Valve Swing Check Valve Ball Valve, JIS/KS 10K Stainless Steel Gate Valve Globe Valve, Check Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve.

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